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    Egg Curry

    Dhaba Style Hard Boiled Egg’s Cooked in Onion, Tomatoes, Whole & Ground Spices & Herbs

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    Goat Biryani

    Bone-In Goat Cooked with Herbs & Long-Grain Basmati Rice Garnished with Crispy Onion’s

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    Goat Masala

    Bone-In Goat Meat Cooked in Ginger, Garlic, Onion & Tomato Gravy

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    Nawabi Chicken Tikka

    Boneless Thigh Meat Marinated in Indian Spices & Cooked in Tandoori Oven

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    Tandoori Biryani

    Tandoori Chicken Cooked in Herbs & Long Grain Basmati Rice Garnished with Crispy Onions &
    Served with Raita

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    Tandoori Cornish Hen

    Whole Cornish Hen Marinated in Yogurt, Ginger, Garlic & Freshly Ground Spices

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    Tandoori Pomfret

    Overnight Marinated Spiced Atlantic Pomfret Cooked in Clay Oven